We have assembled an unparalleled group of experts in audio / video engineering, computer networks, and communications systems. Audio Visual Illuminations Inc. aim is to develop and adapt new technologies to improve the Home experience. Our installations have become the standard for entertainment excellence in the super homes industry. 

What We Do:

Lighting and HVAC Control:

In addition, to entertainment and communication access, Crestron Touch Panels units can be programmed to offer quick and easy control of lights, monitor temperature, curtains, and other equipment. All features can be monitored and controlled from the touch panels which feature user friendly touch screens that are custom designed and programmed for your needs and taste.

Touch Screen Control:

Our custom programmed Crestron wireless touch screens provide the user with easy to navigate displays for selection and control. These units are at the heart of our systems, acting as your window into every function of the integrated system. Designed and programmed with your input and for your specific needs, the control unit will allow you to immediately enjoy our technologies without having to learn complicated commands and directions.

Distributed A/V:

Specializes in using the newest technologies to design and install state-of-the-art systems specifically designed for each Home owner's individual taste and needs. Owners and guests quite often have already experienced the luxury of high end A/V entertainment in their homes. Developments in display technologies like flat screen LED, LCD and front projection make that possible. New lighter, more reliable, high quality displays deliver great results, while meeting special weight, space and durability requirements for homes. Even the best equipment's use is limited without an abundance of high quality content. Advances in cable satellite television receivers and BlueRay DVD players and hard drive storage systems now provide endless possibilities. The most exciting developments are in audio, video and on demand from Cable, Audio Request and Kaleidescape, whose hard drive systems also offer portability of content between the homes.